Circle Aquarium

Architecture: GPU Design

What constitutes a visit to the aquarium? You dive into other worlds, in underwater worlds. Our visualization should convey this feeling, no more and no less. Therefore, a minimalist and abstract representation was created, with details that help determine that state of mind.

Finca Auen

Architecture: Studio Bamboo

Visualization of a “finca” in the subtropical highlands of the Andes, Colombia. The abstract illustration goes hand in hand with the playful and alternating architecture.

Sawmill Kinzigtal

Client: Next Habitat Architekten

Architecture: Hättlich & Faber

Abstract visualization of a planned sawmill in Kinzigtal, in the Black Forest (Germany). In this project, the focus was on integrating the architecture into the surrounding landscape without distracting from the use of the building as a timberyard.