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We are a Graphic Power Unit!

GPU’s interdisciplinary team is a fusion of diverse perspectives and cultural backgrounds. This makes us capable of approaching each project from different points of view for unique and creative solutions.



GPU Design started in 2015 as a personal entrepreneurial project for Robert. The focus back then was mainly architectural visualizations. One year later, Adriana joins to add the graphic design perspective. It is in this way that the concept of Studio is born and we start the journey as a digital network.

We work in a digital era without limits to creativity!

GPU Design is not defined by a place. The present is digital and there are no limits to giving our clients a quality service, understanding their culture and market.
Architect – Master of Arts

Robert Schönherr

Founder and Architectural Creative Manager

Robert approaches challenges with intelligence and determination, always fun and charismatic.

Born in Germany, he later arrived to Colombia in order to study bamboo architecture. Since his studies, Robert has been actively creating on both continents as an architect with a passion for visualization and three-dimensionality. His fundamental interest in new things is the cornerstone of his life as an entrepreneur. In the meantime, he has mastered many tools and always deals with cutting edge technologies.

Graphic Designer

Adriana Sánchez

Co-founder and Graphic Design Creative Manager

Adriana’s ability to analyze facilitates the creation of concepts and designs that go beyond aesthetics.

Adriana was born in Colombia, where she studied Graphic Design. During her university life, she started to work on a variety of projects, that helped her to early consolidate a vision of design outside the academy. Her interest in branding and editorial design gave her the skills to create coherent and strong graphic solutions for visual identity.

Jhon GPU Design
Industrial Designer - Illustrator

Jhon Yalanda

Team member

Jhon is a talented illustrator with a good taste for fashion and design, who is always on top of the latest industry trends.

Jhon is a Colombian Industrial Designer whose love of illustration turned his career around. He currently works as a creative manager for a menswear brand, designing prints and collections, among other side projects. Jhon brings a fresh look to GPU Design’s projects with his creativity and versatile illustration style.


Fabián Gómez

Team member

Fabián is a hard-working and thoughtful architect. He is always available to support our team.

Fabián is an experienced architect and construction supervisor active in Colombia and Venezuela. He has a passion for visualizations ever since and contributes our team by shaping architectural plans through 3D modelling.

A good relationship with our clients is very important to us, and that is reflected in the quality of our work.

GPU Design’s international network

Our team and clients are currently located in Europe and Latin America.
We keep expanding as we work.