Best results come from different approaches

As an interdisciplinary team, we combine diverse perspectives in order to deliver accurate solutions.

GPU Design is an architecture and graphic design-based studio, made up of a multidisciplinary team with different cultural backgrounds. This makes us capable of analyzing every project from diverse perspectives, and offer our clients accurate solutions that convincingly transmit the purpose of their products and services.

Our focus is architectural and corporate design projects. Therefore, we offer services related with architecture, visualizations, brand design and visual communication. Our work starts from the development of a visual concept based on a previous market analysis, until the design of appropriate graphic pieces for communication and advertisement.

We work in a digital era, spreading ideas around the world

Wherever we are, and wherever our clients are, we strive to give them a quality service, understanding who they are, their culture and market.

― TEAM ―

Robert Schönherr GPU Design team


“Our world is three-dimensional. Therefore, each new architecture should be accompanied by representations that show the future space’s character. A good visualization makes an idea tangible and lets the viewer enter a special mood.”

Architect. Master of Arts

3D Modelling and visualizations

Adriana Sánchez Moreno GPU Design team


“My challenge as a designer is analyze information about culture, market and trends, to transform it into the basis for designing brands and pieces of visual communication. A challenge that has helped me to consolidate my skills to create coherent and strong graphic solutions for corporate design.”

Graphic designer

Branding and visual communication

Jhon Yalanda GPU Design team


“Illustration, through its different techniques, is a tool that allows to recreate realities, create new characters and imaginary universes. My work as an illustrator has been characterized by developing and transmitting visual messages that add character, personality and brand recognition.”
Jhon Yalanda

Industrial designer and illustrator

Character Design and illustration

Fabian Gómez GPU Design team


“3D modelling helps to sculpt people thoughts via computer. It´s materialize ideas to make them close to reality. The art of creating is linked to our clients’ requirements and without them our practice wouldn’t exist.”
Fabián Gómez


3D modelling

GPU Design’s network doesn’t have borders

Our clients and partners are currently located in Europe and Latin America. Besides having a permanent team, we keep working to expand our network.
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