Branding, visual communication and architectural visualizations

Client: Wirz Tanner Immobilien

Marketing strategy: Krippendorf Systems

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Équipe is a new building with 22 studio apartments and a large common room in the city of Bern for which we designed a system of marketing pieces.

Starting with the first ideas for developing the graphic concept, we created the logo, the website layout, a flyer, a fact-sheet, visualizations and the illustrations of the building ground plans. To specifically target interested tenants, we also designed two characters based on the target group: free and autonomous people, well paid freelance mobile workers, cosmopolitans, artists.

For the visualizations we developed two versions of the facade and the community space. One shows the architecture and the other the characters in action. This time we gave the visualizations a different style, with textures and emulating chalk pastel paintings, to follow the brand’s graphic concept.