Foundation TRANSfair.

Opening party new headquarters

Visual communication and illustration

Client: Foundation TRANSfair

Marketing strategy: Krippendorf Systems

Location: Thun, Switzerland

TRANSfair is a foundation located in the canton of Bern, whose new headquarters is ready to be presented to its partners and collaborators. This is how appears the necessity to make a special event for the opening of this new space, as well as to develop the indispensable communication pieces for this important of occasion. Based on customer requirements, we designed an invitation card composed of three pieces with special folding, plus a menu with the meals and drinks that were served at the event. The design process involved an important creative phase. Starting from the word “Wegweisend”, which means “showing the way”, we defined the communication tone, the graphic concept, materials and aesthetics of the pieces. The graphic result  follows the concept of handmade, which emerge from a mixture of ideas between the corporate philosophy and services provided by the foundation, consistent with what this organization wants to present.

The logo and visualizations of TRANSfair weren’t designed by GPU Design.