LARGO – generous & flexible living

Branding, visual communication and architectural visualization

Client: Wirz Tanner Immobilien

Marketing strategy: Krippendorf Systems

Location: Liebefeld, Switzerland

Largo is a residential complex with 54 apartments located around a large common courtyard, which also has commercial spaces, offices and studios for co-working.

For this project we developed the graphic concept based on the qualities of the apartments: luminous, wide and tall. This allowed us to create a brand and characters whose elongated shapes exalt these qualities. These characters were also designed based on some characteristics of the target group: Markus, the cosmopolitan independent worker who enjoys co-working spaces, Anja the adventurous millennial connected to the world through her social networks, and Simon an only child with parents from different nationality of a conservative middle class.

We also created the graphic pieces necessary for the marketing process: brochures, informative folder, flyer, website template, informative digital sheets with the illustrated plans of the apartments and a visualization.

Long and bold letters that blend harmoniously with their clean shapes and ends. This underlines the spaciousness of the apartments / rooms and all the additional elements that this project offers.

The characters of LARGO enjoy the little things of day-life

Atmospheric visualization of a possible residential use of the private terrace.