Uhlmann Areal

Interactive 360° Panorama tour

Client: Wirz Tanner Immobilien

Marketing strategie: Krippendorf Systems

Architecture: Graber Pulver Architekten

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Studio apartments and Penthouses at Messerliweg in Bern. The project includes a low two-story structure of four staggered standing tiered houses with east-west orientation and a total of 12 apartments. The panoramic tour allows the prospective customers to interactively gain an impression of the building and the apartment variants. Here we combine the quality of a conventional visualization with the experiencing and the interaction of the 360° panorama. We gave special emphasis to the details of each scene, so the viewer can get a realistic feel of the possible future housing. The panoramic tour will be available online on the project website, and can be used for presentations at fairs or other events without needing the Internet.