Vechigen Höfe

Concept, branding and visual communication

Client: Wirz Tanner Immobilien

Marketing strategy: Krippendorf Systems

Architecture: d-company

Location: Vechigen, Switzerland

Vechigen Höfe is a rural residential settlement with 65 apartments, located in the canton of Bern. For this project we developed a system of marketing pieces. This included the development of initial ideas with the client to create the concept, name and slogan, till the creative process to design logo, symbols, icons, mascot, brochures, folder, construction banner, website layout and the illustrations for the apartments ground plans. The graphic concept was developed from the idea of rural landscape and the green surroundings of the settlement. From here we created a mascot – the guardian of gardens and woods – and 5 symbols, that identified each building of the settlement, and represent some of the species that will be planted in the residential area. They appear in all the pieces generating graphic unity and identity.

The visualizations of Vechigen Höfe weren’t created by GPU Design.